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Distar sterilization and disinfection LED panel light


Since December 2019, COVID-19 has spread in various countries and eventually enveloped the world as a serious problem that all countries cannot ignore.  Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 241130381 cases and 4909140 cases died at 6:30 on October 17th, according to Worldometer real-time statistics.


The COVID-19 epidemic has also directly changed people’s lifestyles, and public safety issues have been gradually taken seriously by everyone.

As people’s requirements for health and safety have gradually increased, public places such as hospitals, supermarkets, and railway stations have increased the disinfection of facilities and equipment, and civilian places have followed closely. All parties in society are striving to cut off the virus transmission.

At present, most germicidal lamps on the market use ultraviolet sterilization, but ultraviolet disinfection itself has the disadvantage of serious damage to the eyes and skin and other body parts.

In order to achieve a better, more convenient and safer sterilization effect, we independently researched and developed the germicidal air purifying lamp, the diffuser surface is sprayed with nano-silver and titanium dioxide and other materials, and the back of the lamp radiator is added with UV LED lamp beads. The sterilization mechanism is triggered through the latest photocatalyst technology. At the same time, an H13-level filter is added to effectively filter harmful substances in the air.


SGS and other laboratory test reports show that our germicidal lamps are highly effective in killing a variety of viruses, such as the Coronavirus, SARS, Influenza H1N1virus and the harmful gas: formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc. The removal rate is as high as 99.99%. The germicidal lamp does not contain any harmful substances and can be in direct contact with the skin.



DS-CL-0606-MPL-S    (Slide switch CCT adjustable)

DS-CL-0606-MPL-R    (2.4G dimmable)

Lighting + Sterilization and Disinfection+ Air Circulation Purification  


DS-CL-0606-SPL  (2.4G dimmable)

Lighting+ Sterilization and Disinfection + Air Circulation Purification + Antifouling Deodorization  + Screen Display


DS-CL-456-MPL-R   (2.4G dimmable + 0.5h timing)

Main Lighting + Sterilization and Disinfection + Air Circulation Purification  + Night Lighting