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Distar new air purification LED light


In 2021, the global epidemic is still spreading rapidly. For indoor hygiene, sterilization is essential. Alcohol disinfection products have strong odor, are not easy to disperse, and the disinfection effect is not lasting. UVC UV lamp is not suitable for bedroom lighting.

In order to better realize the disinfection effect of home lighting, we have launched the latest 4in1 UVA air purification LED lamp. This germicidal lamp can meet 4 needs of users at the same time:air purification, sterilization, main lighting, and night light. Only need to install a lamp, it can be a good substitute for bedroom purifier, germicidal lamp, bedroom main lamp, and night light, which saves the cost of living better.


Distar's 4 in one germicidal air purifying lamp adopts the latest nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst technology + UVA lamp, built-in filter with purification grade HEPA13, and multi-speed adjustable centrifugal fan. It is safe and non-toxic, small in size, and easy to use.


Advantages of 4-in-1 air purification disinfection LED panel:

1. Simple and exquisite shape, suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, ward, and other public places

2. Effectively remove harmful indoor gases and odors (formaldehyde, PM2.5, smoke, musty, TVOC, toluene, benzene, etc.)

3. Efficient sterilization and anti-virus (new coronavirus H1N1 Staphylococcus, Enterobacter vulgaris, etc.)

4. Main lighting function with stepless dimming and color adjustment

5. The bottom is equipped with stepless dimming auxiliary lighting function

6. The lighting and fan are equipped with a timing function, which can be timed for 0.5h

7. Equipped with 2.4G remote control, it is more convenient to control the functions of switch, brightness, color temperature, timing and wind speed.

8. Size D456*116mm, small size, easy to transport and install. Ceiling installation method does not occupy indoor space